I thought I would mention…

So I have been meaning to start up a real blog for a while now, and before I start writing my own fun filled adventures on the screen, I thought I would give a shout out to my favorite blogs.

In no particular order:

A wonderful place with design and inspiration as far as the eye can see!


If you are looking for what is happening NOW in the art/design/fashion/food/animation world this is the place to go.


A sleek and sexy place to find sleek and sexy jewellery from across the pond, and elsewhere.


This woman can caress you as well as punch you in the face with words, a honest and beautiful view of  word and world.


The best in CAD/designing/humor/and metalsmithing is right here. Not only is Arthur Hash one of my favorite artists, his blog is pretty brilliant!


More design than your little noggin can handle!!!


I always check out this place when I have a bad day…its always seems to help, I wonder if the title has anything to do with it?


Well that is a small portion of my list…more to come for sure! Happy reading!




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