Getting Scrappy!

Hello All

On an very dreary NC day, I broke past my dread of the weather and decided I would travel 1 hour and 45 minutes west to Durham NC to visit a place that seemed to only exist in my dreams. The rumors I heard sounded magical!”The Scrap Exchange in Durham has everything you could ever want to make anything!!” This  was to alluring for my pack rat brain to pass up. So I loaded up the car with good tunes, my camera/Mac, and munchies and set out.

Upon arrival I was greeted with a tiny passage into a large wear house type building, As soon as I walked in I found it was the doorway to wonderful-town. With rows and rows of stuff, any kind you could imagine! Not to mention a font desk made completely out of old computer monitors!

And most of it all below five bucks?…To anyone who know me personally will know this is my Narnia…

Everything was wonderfully organized and had prices on it! I was so delighted that i knew how much I was spending on my junk!

I may or may not have peed a little when I saw all the fabric and the little amount of coin they wanted for it, and by coin I mean 75 cents a YARD!

And it just goes on and on! Not to mention the strange music choice booming over the stereo system, while searching for just the right trinket I was entertained by the music stylings of the beetles, mariah carey, as well as the theme song to Scooby doo and finally as I was lugging my stuff to my car, the which is dead song from The wizard of OZ…

Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this place! If you are ever in Durham it is worth a visit or two….thats how many it took me to get all my stuff in my car….Although it could easily be a pack rats doom, it can also be a affordable way to stay creative and make art without breaking the bank. Which anyone who has bought silver or even oil paint recently knows what I am talking about. So to conclude Junk+Not for profit+ nice people+ weird music= My first semi religious exserience since I moved to NC.

Stay thirsty my friends!



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