Geometric Love

Hello All!

Sorry if I am beating a dead horse with this blog, but I have recently been peeking at some wonderful geometric designs lately that I feel obligated to share!   Yeah..I know so trendy right? Well I dont really care, wonderful work is wonderful work! I just cant get enough of the corners and lines! In addition, It always seems to me that geometric shapes and bright color schemes, love each other, and love that!

1. Geometric Necklace Modern Silver Cells (from the BooandBooFactory) 2.Skateboard Deck Ring (By Tara Locklear) 3. Amazing Earrings by (Sarah West) 4. Ex Gem Cocktail Rings (by Jolene Carley McClelland) 5. A sexy ring by (Selda Okutan) 6. Pyramid Enamel Necklace by (kathiroussel)

and last but not least these babies by Theresa Burger are just the cherry on top!




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