Art Camp, the Religious Experience…

Well spring break is over and the real world is looming…and by real world I mean graduate school. So I really have no idea what I am talking about, however during my travels last week I was fortunate enough to visit my two dear friends Dan Morris and Ted Cooper. Ted lives right outside Kutztown PA in his absolutely beautiful home. Formerly a wearhouse that he has converted into 30% dwelling and 70% crazy aweseomeworkspace.

Ted Cooper

Dan Morris

Meeting Dan in my undergraduate days in PA, I was introduced to Ted and immediatly fell in love with the atmophere and artistsic drive surrounding these two men. Every chance I get I drive up PA222 with a bottle of dessert wine and some fresh central market bread. In exchange I get immense wisdom, gourmet food and invaluable friendship. Not to mention the chance to work in the enormous studio.  I honestly believe that one of the problems with our culture and my generation in particular is the lack of those people called wise men. For me, surrounding myself with these creative gentlemen has not only strengthened my own work, but changed my outlook on my artistic career. Using their personal knowledge of people and the world to tell stories and offer guidance that, in a mystical way, impress upon me a sense of who I am and who I might become. Not to mention witnessing the crazy artistic talent they both possess. (see below)

Great Blue Heron By:Dan Morris

The best part are the nights, Ted usually cooks, we find a good movie on Netflix (that I so generously installed on his computer), and drink the previously mentioned bottle. These two gentlemen have changed my work, my life, and my sense of humor all for the better. So I thought I will pour one for my homies and regale my readers with the religious experience that I call Art Camp.