A view from my desk…

Having taken a much needed blog break last month, I bet  you are wondering what I have been up to!Here is a step by step look at my life during the month of March!

I have been doing a good bit of traveling since moving to NC. As a result I have been privileged to see many of the forgotten gas stations and motels that pepper the northeast lanscape that I drive through so frequently. These images have been rolling around in my head for quite sometime, so I finally decided to swallow my anxiety for fabrication and make something in response to all the abandoned stops along the way of life.  Ready? GO!

First, I knew I wanted to enamel the actual word on the sign. So I acid etched my lines into a sheet of copper I was not sure if it was going to work completely so I made the test below. After the first initial success I made four more plates.

Acid Etched copper plate ready for a good enamelin!

The next step was the scary one, a little known fact about me. Fabrication gives me a good amount of anxiety and it took about ten people yelling and me and coaching me through it but I finally gave in and sat down and measured something. The arrow and the frame were simple enough to construct honestly, it was my anxiety that was stopping me, not my technical skills.

The ever terrifying hollow form arrow!  (in progress)

After playing around with some enamel decals acquired from the lovely Tara Locklear and Lisette Fee I was ready to add my letters! (the fun part)

The decals came out great!

Finally, after quiet a lot of sanding, filing, powder coating, having at least one quarter life crisis, and some wire bending I was finished ONE sign! Very different from my usual fast paced production work. However, this was one hundred times more satisfying.  This necklace is only the first step in what I hope will be a new and exciting direction in my work and possibly some kind of thesis!

Finished "Roadside" Necklace (front)

Finished "Roadside" Necklace (back)

Hope everyone had a great and safe spring break!