Overcoming the Post Symposium Coma…

FACT: As of this morning I (Danielle James) feel completely recovered from what is currently known as Symposium Syndrome. Symptoms of this condition are as follows:

  1. Forgetfulness of everything other than symposium issues i.e. keys,wallet,nutrition,sleep,and of course ones own blog.
  2. Obsessive-Compulsive Email Checking Disorder (OCECD)-obsessive thoughts and subsequent compulsions to check his/her email.
  3. I forgot number 3.
  4. A tiny dash of alcoholism.
  5. …And of course an overwhelming sense of happiness and pride!

Symposium was a challenge, and I thank everyone involved a thousand times over. All and all is was an amazing learning experience and I would not have changed a thing, but I am also thankful it is in the history books. I have thesis to look forward to now and a lot of bench time that I am stoked about.

Below is the first thing to be born off my desk since I came out of the fog. A necklace named “Chattanooga, Tennessee”

I hope to keep up writing to whom it may not concern bi-weekly.

Until then,


Final %22Chattanooga, TN%22 Necklace



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