Greenville, North Carolina to Bristol, Tennessee


On the morning of June 6th my friends Erin Younge and Zach Lechtenburg and I set off on an epic adventure around the south east of the United States. On our first leg of our journey we were headed to Bristol Tennessee to stay with Erin’s Bro. One of the best aspects to our trip was the lack of a British woman on the dashboard screaming RECALCULATING!!!!  (otherwise known as a GPS)

That is right ladies and gentlemen, instead of a computer we used A BOOK WITH MAPS IN IT, I believe some people call them atlas’s.


We drove the back roads for almost all of the trip, around 50 hours total, total we probably only spent 3 hours in any interstate. We reached our destination just at the sun was going down one the first day. Bristol Tennessee, as you can see the town is right smack the border of VA and TENN and is apparently a good place to live! I think we can agree with that, with a lively main street and tons of old architecture is was splendid. I was particularly please with how many of those old buildings seemed to still have inhabitants and industry inside.  Its citizens will tell you that Bristol is the birthplace of Country Music, boasting such inhabitants as Uncle Charlie Osborne, The Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers. Unbeknownst to us apparently Bristol is also home to the Bristol Motor Speedway (NASCAR) you can imagine our excitement…..

So all in all a country town with a country “sport”, and I liked it. Cozy is the word.



THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS A GIANT GUITAR BUILDING!  Sadly it was closed, apparently forever which is usually the fate of these wonderful structures that pepper this country.  We ended up at an O.K. restaurant in a building that we assumed was a bank at one time in its life, or it is also possible they were going for more of the prison ambiance, but who were we to judge? After dinner we hunted down a liquor store (harder than you would think in the “birthplace of country”)  where we picked up a few tiny bottles of wine (cuz we be classy like that) and then decided to kill some time by taking in a movie. A movie AT THE DRIVE IN MOVIE THEATER! They even had the old school microphones that you hook up to the side of your car, none of that radio station nonsense.


Honestly, I would have just gone for the neon, and the tiny concession stand, IT WAS SO FREAKING CUTE! Thank god they were playing Furious Six! I mean, there truly is no other way to watch Vin Diesel, The Rock and that other guy, then projected onto a stretched white sheet. So with the smell of bug spray and AMAZING popcorn in the air we sat on a blanket drinking wine and heckling in the cool Virginia/Tennessee night air. It was kinda like my own hallucinated 50’s version of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” only better.

IMG_6522We also totally raced someone else who was leaving the drive in at the same time as us, and TOTALLY SCHOOLED IS HIS ASS!  And that was our wonderful time in Bristol.

Up next on the blog tour will be our journey from Bristol TENN to Cincinnati OH!!!

So ladies and gentlemen I will leave you with this

Until the next time!


DJ Metal