Symptoms of the Symposium…

So as a few of you know, I am co-chairing the 2013 ECU Metals Symposium “Making Marks”, on top of curating the “Tongue in Cheek” Exhibition.  So since the board voting at the end of last semester I have been living in between to major emotions. On one hand there is this wonderful optimism and excitement about being able to help organize such a monumental event for upwards of 160 metalsmiths and makers. On the other hand there are twinges of extreme horror and anxiety that something bad is going to come smashing through the aforementioned optimism like the Kool-Aid man through a brick wall.  Although, I trust that this emotional balancing act is just the the dance that we must do when the event becomes bigger than organizers. It is true that my bench has been a little lonely these past few weeks as we get closer and closer to the start of registration. However, my laptop has been a fire with correspondence with amazingly talented makers of all kinds!  I suppose that is an acceptable trade off.  This semester has been full of my own surprises, I never would have though while I was barely passing my first metals class with Christina Miller @ Millersville University I would every be involved with this kind of thing. It would be a laughable conversation honestly. So I guess what I am trying to say that I feel honored to work with such wonderful talent and ingenuity here at ECU. OK enough with the sappy stuff.

For all of you who are itching to register ASAP we will have the registration up very soon! Here is the URL to the symposium blog to check out this years presenters!

Don’t get your apron in a bunch! 😀

Here are some great image from last years symposium for those of  you who are veterans of this amazing shindig and for those who have no freaking idea what I am rambling on about. Well this is me signing off, all I can think about now is how annoying  my spell checker is, damn thing ALWAYS wants to change metalsmith into metal-smith. UGH.